About us

Planning to study, visit, work and live in Australia? Migration Mantra will help you achieve your Aussie experience!

Migration Mantra is an expert migration and education consultancy with an outstanding record in providing successful immigration advice. We provide end-to-end visa related assistance that caters to all the visa-specific requirements of an individual seeking to migrate to Australia.

Migration Mantra is a stress-free one stop shop service. From document compilation and preparation, acting on your behalf to liaise with the Immigration Department, visa application submission and to post visa submission follow up, we help and guide you from the beginning till the end.

We will:

  • Identify and educate you with the most appropriate visa pathway/stream for your situation.
  • Prepare and start the application.
  • Guide and help you complete all the required information and requirements to satisfy Immigration
  • Submit/lodge your application on time
  • Check on the progress and liaise with the Immigration Department on your behalf.
  • Advise you of the outcome.
  • Consult and provide necessary steps to counter the negative outcome.

We also pride ourselves for being trusted, recognized, and sought after for our excellent and reliable visa service from our clients in the South Eastern Countries such as Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Cambodia. We have a great track record in securing visa grants for our clients. So, if you're planning to sponsor your Filipina wife or girlfriend to Australia, book a consultation now!