Jaw Dropping & Sought After Destinations in the Philippines

Imagine living in a country that has over ;7,641 islands to choose from. Each island in the Philippines provides it’s own unique culture and ambiance with a wide variety of landscapes, food and fun activities to experience. This indeed makes the Philippines the most diverse country in the world. ;In 2011, the Department of Tourism recorded 3.9 million tourists visiting the country, 11.2 percent higher than the 3.5 million registered in 2010. THAT’S A HUGE INCREASE IN THAT SPAN OF TIME! I can’t blame people, aside from the breath-taking natural landscapes found in the country, the warm welcoming embrace of the people is the main reason why tourism is rapidly increasing every year. We just can’t get enough of those huge genuine, bright smiles welcoming us as we get off the plane…To help you choose from the 7,641 islands in the Philippines, here are some jaw dropping & sought after destinations in the country ;that you surely need to look into.


Are you looking for a fun yet relaxing getaway with your friends and family? Then you should definitely consider Boracay on your itinerary. Boracay is a small island in the Philippines situated approximately 315 kilometres (196 mi) south of Manila. It’s known as the country’s ultimate paradise. It has powdery white sand, clear water and offers a wide variety of day and night life activities. You can relax and enjoy the open sky and clear water during the day and get your groove on during the night. Due to the rapidly growing tourists in the island Boracay has recently been redeveloped to preserve and prolong its beauty. Now, Boracay is open for business and its better than ever!


Palawan has the most extraordinary and captivating landscape. It consists of small islands on the island! Talk about inception… You can discover every inch of the island using a stand up paddle, pump boat or even floats. The options are endless! It has a very serene and relaxing ambiance. It’s the perfect romantic getaway! So ladies, you know where to spend your honeymoon!   ;Palawan is a big island so there’s so much to explore. You can enjoy Puerto Princesa Underground River for less than $60. That includes everything you need for the day including food! You can also enjoy swimming in the ;Green Lagoon in Coron, Palawan. No, it’s not the murky lagoon where crocodiles breed. It’s actually the opposite of that, it’s a a quiet sanctuary of deep blue green waters, wide space with a spectacular view. So, if you want to relieve some stress, Palawan in your destination.


Cebu has so many titles like “Queen City of the South”, “Pearl of the Orient Seas”, “Capital of the Visayas” and many more. There’s a huge explanation for that. In the Philippine History, Cebu was where the Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan planted the Cross of Christianity in the name of Spain in 1521. It was the birthplace of Christianity in the country. Now, Cebu has blossomed into one of the most sought after destinations in the Philippines. Cebu is a mixture of island and city life with ;many leisure establishments taking full advantage of its sea-valley-and-mountain location. Cebu is the biggest city in central Philippines. Most people call it the second “Manila”. Cebu offers a variety and a diverse experience for tourists. You can never run out of things to do in Cebu. It’s the central hub of the country. Not to mention it has one of the most grandest festivals in the Philippines called “Sinulog”. A celebration for the founding of Christianity in the country. Its a fun and excited event where people from different islands come together to celebrate St. Nino. The patron saint of Cebu. So, if you want a bit of both, pack your bags and experience Cebu.

There you have it! Those are just some of the jaw dropping & sought after destinations in the Philippines, there’s ;7,638 islands more to go. Tourists are always welcome in the country. You’ll have the most greatest experience. ;

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