A New Bill That Will Impact Australian Partner Visa Applications

New bill with regards to the Partner visa application in Australia has been introduced and passed through the Parliament on 10 December 2018. The implementation of the new bill is yet to be determined. However, the commencement date could happen at any time.

The bill is made to reduce family violence with immigrants in Australia under the family sponsored scheme visas. The new Bill requires the Australian citizen, Permanent Resident, or Eligible New Zealand Citizen sponsoring their partner in Australia to first lodge their sponsorship application and have it approved before the partner visa can be submitted. The processing time of the sponsorship application may take months. The current processing time is approximately 12 to 18 months. This amendment is definitely in contrast to the current Partner visa process which enables applicants who are in the country with a substantive visa to stay in Australia and be given a Bridging Visa A (BVA) which will take effect when their current visa expires which enables them to stay in the country until a decision has been made with their visa application.

Drastic changes on the new bill will impact Partner visa applicants in Australia under a substantive visa with limited time remaining to stay in the country. This means that if they are not able to apply for another valid visa aside from the partner visa they’re trying to process, chances are that they would need to depart Australia and remain overseas until the partner visa is granted.

Migration laws are complex and are constantly changing which requires someone who has an in-depth understanding of the law as well a valid credential to fully understand other aspects of the law that may impact your immigration process and to successful lodge your visa application.

Since the new bill is yet to commence, we would highly recommend for anyone who wants to stay with their partner in Australia to apply for their partner visa application as soon as possible. This will minimise impact from the new change and will enable you to still be under the current partner visa criteria.

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