Top 5 Reasons Why Australians Sponsor Their Filipina Partner and Build A Future Together In Australia.

Are you planning on getting a visa for your Filipino girlfriend to Australia? Or perhaps, you’re already married to a Filipina, and you want to sponsor her to live with you in Australia? We can’t deny that Filipino women have dominated the World Beauty Pageants even from the earliest history of the country. They possess exceptional, natural beauty that reflects the beauty and authenticity of their country. Just like what Pia Wurtzback the 2016 Miss Universe said: “I am confidently beautiful with a heart.” It’s is a true statement. Filipino women are not only beautiful from the outside but also the inside. They possess specific values that attract foreign men including Australians. That’s why most Australians prefer to marry Filipinas.

They have a very bright, warm, hospitable and nurturing personality which is probably the reason why most foreigner especially Australians loves visiting the Philippines often. Here are the top 5 reasons why Australians choose to sponsor their Filipina partner a fiance visa and build a future together in Australia.

Filipinas are very simple.

Unlike most western and Asian women across the world, Filipinas are deficient maintenance. They don’t fancy luxurious lifestyles, pretentious relationship and complicated household arrangements, instead, they value a more straightforward, more basic way of living without dealing with unnecessary stress. They mostly appreciate the time spent with their family and friends and living harmoniously with their spouse. Simplicity is in the Culture and Tradition of the Philippines which is one of the reasons why Australians want to bring them to their country. Australia is very expensive, and they want a woman who doesn’t care about unnecessary stuff but instead focus on the stability and security of their family’s future.

They will never neglect any family member.

In the Philippines, there’s no “I” there’s “We.” If you’re marrying a Filipina, you’ll be marrying their family as well. There’s no doubt that Filipino women are very family oriented. What characteristics have been built in ever since they were little? Family comes first, and that’s attractive to Australian men. Australian women are more independent and strong-willed. That’s one of the characteristics that Australian men are looking. It gives them a sense of security that whatever happens, she’s always going to be there for their family through good times or bad. Life in Australia will not still be rainbows and butterflies. They will encounter challenges, and they want someone who’s family oriented and will put the family first. Filipinas will give anything for their family. Leaving a family member behind is never an option.

Filipinas have the most attractive personality.

Let’s face it; you’ll never see a Filipina greet you for the first time with a bad attitude. It always feels like a celebration when you first meet them. There’s never a dull moment. It’s like they’ve known you for a long time and you’re just catching up. Their bright and uplifting personality is the number one reason why their country’s tourism is continuously going up. Filipino women have a positive outlook in life, and nothing can bring them down not even super typhoons. It’s a sad tragedy that the Philippines has experience, but their resilience and determination are unfathomable. For them, it’s a way of life, and you have to move forward. That attitude is imposing for Australians and foreigners. The traits of a Filipino woman compliments the characteristics of an Australian. It’s like coffee and cream mixed to form a nice soothing drink.

Filipinas are very diverse.

Diversity reflects the country’s history. Multiple nationalities have influenced the Philippines from the very beginning. Spain, Japan, and America have colonized the state. Although it wasn’t always an excellent experience colonized by these countries, it gave the Philippines an edge out of all the countries in the world. Most people know how to speak English, Spanish, and even a little Japanese. They are more open, tolerant and accepting also though they are a religious country. Cultural differences, but it’s not always an issue for most Filipinas. Australian women, on the other hand, are more authoritative and expressive on the things they don’t like. It’s either you change your bad habits, or she’s walking out the door. Filipinas are very patient, and they will never make an ultimatum which is very attractive to Australians.

Filipinas are very affectionate and open

Lastly, Filipino women love expressing their love for someone. She’s going to take a bunch of selfies with you and post it all over her social media accounts, tell you how much she loves you, or sends you multiple text messages every day saying “good morning,” “did you eat,” “take care,” etc. Filipinas loves making you feel wanted. They pride themselves of being sweet and caring. They’re not ashamed of showing how they think and being vulnerable. When they like you, they’ll find multiple ways to show it to you unlike most western women who stay neutral to avoid being perceived as weak or needy. This Filipino trait is very adorable and desirable for Australian men. Most men want to feel needed and appreciated by their spouse. It gives them a significant confidence boost.

There you have it; those are the top 5 reasons why Australians love sponsoring their Filipina spouse and build a future together in Australia. It’s a match made in heaven. Filipinas and Aussies complement each other that’s why most partner visa applications are from the Philippines. If you’re planning on getting a visa for your Filipino girlfriend or fiance’ and you want to know how much it costs, contact us to get started:

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